The C.A.M.S. Core System

C.A.M.S. Core is an Entry Level product that is offered at a Rock Bottom price. This product allows small Collection Agencies to start up with exactly what they need, allowing them to pick and choose their add-ons as they need them rather than taking them up front.

The C.A.M.S. Collective System

C.A.M.S. Collective has all the power of the C.A.M.S. Core system with a number of add-on facilities included. This product allows a Collection Agency of any size to start up or convert and have a large host of functionality available.

C.A.M.S. Add-Ons

C.A.M.S. has a vide wariety of Add-Ons that enhance the C.A.M.S. Collection product.

System Requirements

C.A.M.S. is written in Thoroughbred Business Basic. This makes it a "Platform Neutral"environment. C.A.M.S. will run in both single and multiple user environments (up to 1024 users). Below is a list of Operating Systems that C.A.M.S. will run on:

C.A.M.S. can run effectively on any computer that can handle the operating system you select. The general rule is, "The Faster the Computer, the Faster C.A.M.S. will run." It is recommended that the minimum computer used for a server is a Pentium III (or Equivalent) or better. If you have questions about your computer system, please contact us.